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Gyeongeui Line Dorasan Station(Won the competition)

Location -175 Dorisan Ri, Jangdan Myeon, Paju, Gyeonggido Province
Classification -Transportation Facilities (Station)
Total Area -1,256.58㎡
Plan -Overground 3 floors
Client -Korean National Raildroad
Design -2000.11
Completion -2002

Dorasan station, as the first land route CIQ, is a very special representation of reconciliation and cooperation between South Korean and North Korea. It is the northernmost station in South Korea and the distance from the station to the Southern Limit Line is only 1 km. To reflect the special situation where the public can only approach as groups, enough parking space was a very important factor. Also, transfer system with the national railroad was another important premise of the design, especially in order to comply with the master plan for the region. As the station represents the gate to South Korea, traditional architectural elements such as columns, headpieces and eaves were revived in modern image. Choice of material was intended to express future-oriented image which represents bright future of Korean people and South-North Korean relationship.

Seowon University Business Administration Building Competiton(Winner)

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