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Looking for New Sphere of the Fabric World in the Eco-Fabric Attitude

Promoter : Co-sponsorship

IIIA (Idea Image Institute of Architects, Co., Ltd.)
KASS (Korean Association for Shell & Spatial Structures)

Support Organization

KIA (Korean Institute of Architects)
AIK (Architectural Institute of Korea)
KIRA (Korea Institute of Registered Architects)
KIEAE (Korea Institute of Ecological Architecture and Environment)

Eligibility for Entry

Born on and after 1st day of January,1970
The people of Republic of Korea and of People's Republic of China
(The maximum numbers in one entry is three)

Registration Term

from 07th of April to 07th of October, 2004

Registration Form

Download from IIIA Fabric Design Competition homepage (www.ideaimage.com) or KASSS homepage (www.kasss.or.kr)

Registration method

Through Fax. (++82 2 325 5692)

Registration Fee

Korean 20,000 won or RMB 100

Bank Account

Bank Name : Industrial Bank of Korea
Branch : Shinsu Dong Branch
Bank Adress : 2-138 Changjeon-Dong, Mapo-Ku, Seoul, Korea
Swift No. : IBKOKRSE
Account No. : 049-036325-01-131
Beneficiary : IIIA

Submission Deadline

17:00 on 12th of November, 2004

Place to be submitted

Korea (to be indicated) / China (to be indicated)

Submission Documents

Panel AO 1 copy
The Explanatory text A4 2 sheets(English I copy + Korean or Chinese 1copy )


From 13th To 20th of November, 2004

Announcement of the Prize winnings

On 22th of November(personally informed And published on homepage)

Awards Ceremony

Seoul at 02:00pm on 24th. November, 2004 (Lecture meeting - 03:00pm)
Shanghai at 02:00pm on 26th. November, 2004 (Lecture meeting - 03:00pm)

Exhibition period

Seoul, from 24th to 29th of November, 2004
Shanghai, from 26th to 30th of November, 2004

Exhibition Place

Seoul : Seoul Museum of Art (Detached building of KyungHee Palace)
Shanghai : place to be announced

Awards for Prize

1) Grand Prize (one work)
 If Korean, 3,000,000 Korean won
 If Chinese 20,000 RMB
 Bonus - Architectural Tour during 4days For every member in each team
2) 2 nd. Prize ( two works)
 if Korean, 1,000,000 Korean won
 if Chinese 6,600 RMB
3) Honorable Mentions (5 works)
4) Mentions
* The jury committee can change the distribution of the above prizes as their willingness.


Kwan Taek Jin (Honorable Professor of Seong Kyun Kwan University, Korea)
Xiangqian Na(, Tsing Hua University, China)
Kazuo Ishii(Japan)
David Wakefield (Tensys, UK)
Knut Goeppert(Schlaich Bergermann und Partners, Germany)

Technical Advisor

Jong Soo Kim(CEO of CSSE , Korea)
Seung Deog Kim (Deputy Prof. of Semyung University, Korea)
Wang Chao (, China)
Chul Hee Kang(CEO, Idea Image Institute of Architects, Ltd., co.)