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 Academic Backgrounds


Graduated from Yokohama National Univ., majoring in Architectural Engineering


Completed the doctor course at Tokyo Univ.


Assistant Professor at Yokohama Univ.


Professor at Yokohama Univ.



Chairman of the Membrane Structure Evaluation Committee, the Building Center of Japan, the Ministry of Construction of Japan


Chairman of the Structural Design Evaluation Committee of the Membrane Structures Association of Japan


Chairman of the Retractable Roof Structure Committee of the Architectural Institute of Japan(AIJ)


Chairman of the Working Group of Retractable Roof Structures of the International Association of Shell and Spatial Structures(IASS)


An Executive Council member of the IASS



Received many prizes from the AIJ, the IASS and other institutes and authorities



Author of ˇ°Structural Design of Membrane Structuresˇ± ˇ°Structural Design of Pneumatic Structuresˇ± and other books and papers



He played a great role as a guide to how to make structural design of membrane structures.


He also provided a great driving force for development of the membrane structure technology in Japan.


He has taken the leadership in evaluation of the structural safety.